Fujis - and more!

The orchard has 862 apple trees.  Approximately 600 are Fuji’s - the balance are Jonagold,  Empire,  Arkansas Black, Granny Smith,  Braeburn, and Winesap.   Depending on the variety,  and the particular year’s weather, harvest starts around late September and runs until about Thanksgiving.  We use  Integrated Pest Management [ http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/food/ipm.htm ]  IPM  consists of organic and non-restricted methods that results in minimum intervention.  We tree-ripen the apples for the best flavor and sweetness.  We sell at local and central valley farmer’s markets,  and larger quantities from here at the ranch.  For more  information about larger quantities of apples, walnuts, or honey  please email us 

                    Farmer’s Market update - Spring 2020      

Fuji,  Arkansas Black,  and Granny Smith apples will be available at harvest this fall. Remember that apples freeze really well.  Simply  slice and freeze.  Then you  can thaw and use in baked goods,  sauces, or snacking.  A gallon zip lock bag will hold enough for a large apple pie.    Enjoy farm fresh tree-ripened apples all year!  Just make sure they are fresh when you slice and freeze them. 

We are a California certified producer and our apples will be available at various Sacramento and Valley  Farmer’s markets. More updates closer to harvest.     



                     Lima Sierra Ranch